Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - Gray Rainbow

For today's featured number, Jim Tyrrell spins a tale of economic hardship and homemade booze. The song is from the album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. For more information on the artist, visit

Gray Rainbow
by Jim Tyrrell

It's a long way up through the dark black clouds
To where trouble grows but don't look now
'Cause here it comes on this old brick town
The gray rainbow is coming down

I was a workin' man down at the mill
But they closed the door so I work the still
Makin' moonshine and drinkin' it down
Until the next job comes around (chorus)

For fifty years that mill and I
Pumped poison smoke into the sky
And since those days don't nothin' grow
But a thundercloud and a gray rainbow (chorus)

These friends of mine with nothin' to do
Tried my moonshine, now they drink it too
So I make a dime when they come around
It's the only payin' work I've found (chorus)

Been a long long time, it seems like years
And we're goin' blind and no one cares
'Cause all that this town's got left to show
Is a thundercloud and a gray rainbow (chorus)

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  1. Your ability to tell a story in a song never ceases to amaze me.