Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - A Pint In A Broken Glass

Jim Tyrrell offers a song that purports itself to be the 'love song' on the album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition, but really, it's about booze like all the others. For more information about the artist visit

A Pint In A Broken Glass
by Jim Tyrrell

I'll never get over my Jenny McPhee
The barmaid that I once wed
In place of a clover when she poured it for me
My stout bore a heart instead
And she always served it with a wink and a grin
And many an hour to pass
It felt like our hearts couldn't hold our love in
Like a pint in a broken glass

But I wouldn't listen when she started to say
"It's come time to settle down"
I'd just go missing for most of the day
Stumbling around the town
She would say that she meant to be free
And she set to escaping the past
But all of that noise seemed as pointless to me
As a pint in a broken glass

It's ten years later and she's seven years gone
I couldn't say where she's bound
But I've stayed devoted as the time has slipped on
To holding this barstool down
I suppose you may see her someday
On the arm of a lad with more class
Well he best not ignore her or she may slip away
Like a pint in a broken glass.

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