Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - Naked On The Meach

I recently did a phone interview with the Concord Monitor, and they ran a story in today's paper. You can read it right here.

Here's another song from the album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. A tale of triumph over adversity, and an appeal to the lowest common denominator. For more information about the artist, visit

Naked On The Meach
by Jim Tyrrell

I have a speech impediment some people cannot mear
I've tried my mest to cure it mut it's way meyond repair
I have no explanation for this thing I cannot say
Mut I can tell you that it helped me out the other day

I was miking to the grocery store to get a rack of meer
I'd always hoped that mooze might make the promlem disappear
And on the way I saw a thing that stopped me with a screech
A meautiful young woman lying naked on the meach

Now I had not meen lucky with the fairer sex mefore
'Cause when I tried to mutter them up they laughed and hit the floor
Mut here I'd seen an angel and I knew I had to try
So choosing my words carefully I walked up and said hi

I said You are so pretty I've just got to know your name
And I could spend the day with you if it's all the same
Mut the thing that I said next was astronomically dumm
I said And maybe later I could get acquainted with your mum

Will wonders never cease, she thought me sweet for that remark
She gathered up her clothing and we pedaled through the park
I'd finally found a lady who could tolerate my speech
The meautiful young woman lying naked on the meach
The meautiful young woman lying naked on the meach

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