Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - The Wall

Here's a couple songs from this morning's live performance on The Daily Planet Morning Show.

Today's featured song (originally from the album Three Pints Irish, now found on the new CD Time For Another Round: Gold Edition) goes out to all the brave men and women who tried to take on The Wall at their local drinking establishment. Soldier on, brave souls.

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The Wall
by Jim Tyrrell

{chorus} Way hey, what do you say
We'll get to the end if it takes us all day
So line 'em right up and we'll get through them all
We're workin' our way down the wall

Bartender let's make this thing clear
We're drinking that whole row of beer
We'll hand in our keys if that's what you please
'Cause we're plannin' on stayin' right here

Singing... {chorus}

Well Stacey is looking unsound
She just leapt from her stool with a bound
She threw up all that drink in the ladies' room sink
And she's back in time for the next round

Singing... {chorus}

Well come on we're making good time
And so far I'm still doing fine
But my stomach's betrayed by that hard lemonade
That they stuck near the end of the line

{spoken: just plug your nose and get through it boys -- sing with me now}


Now the finish is finally in sight
But to say we're relieved isn't right
See the end it the pits 'cause we're stuck with a Schlitz
As the very last beer of the night

{alt chorus} Way hey, what do you say
We got to the end and it took us all day
And that's just as well 'cause we can't drink no more
And we're workin' our way to the floor.

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