Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - The Harvard Line

A spirited recounting of a drunken morning on the Boston subway. Originally on the Three Pints Irish CD, it can now be found on Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. For more info on this artist, visit

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The Harvard Line
by Jim Tyrrell

Hung over on a bright white Monday
Headed in to Boston town
All alone on a red line subway
9 0'clock and I'm Park Street bound
Oh what a weekend - my bones are creakin'
Feelin' like I'm half alive
But in the pocket of my jacket
Something helping me survive

Chorus: I owe it all to the barley wine
The one cure for the morning time
Another drink and I'll be just fine
I'm sneakin' a bottle on the Harvard line

The train is filling up with people
With the sleep still in their eye
I tell 'em we should fear no evil
We've got to keep our spirits high
We'll fill the time cards - and back to Harvard
But hold on to your handles, men
We're either listin' hard to starboard
Or I've gone and fallen down again {chorus}

I'm staring with determination
At a map I can't understand
I've ended up in a blue line station
By the name of Wonderland
And after quite a long inspection
A young attendant turns me 'round
Points me in the right direction
2 o'clock and I'm Harvard bound {chorus x2}

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