Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - A Quiet Pint

A song originally from the album Three Pints Irish (now on Time For Another Round: Gold Edition) with -- dare I say it -- a little sincerity. Not bad, for a song that's really about booze. For more information about the artist, visit

A Quiet Pint
by Jim Tyrrell

Well I've played these songs for years
And I've had my share of beers
And I've loved every one that comes along
But the favorite of mine
Comes just past closing time
It's a nice quiet pint and a song

Sure I don't mind the crowd
And it's fine when they're loud
And they're clappin' and singin' along
And when they cheer it's divine
But when they leave then it's time
For a nice quiet pint and a song

But every now and again
Among the rowdy young men
I see a lady sitting alone
And so as not to be harassed
She keeps her eyes on her glass
And has a nice quiet pint on her own

So when they close for the day
And all the noise has gone away
If you'll stay just a little too long
Well there's a chair here for you
We'll take a minute or two
And have a nice quiet pint and a song.

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