Monday, March 9, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - I'm Drinkin' Alone

A song of fierce individuality, and brotherhood. Hey, drink enough and you can believe anything. From the album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. For more information about the artist visit

I'm Drinkin' Alone
by Jim Tyrrell

I'm drinkin' alone
I'm drinkin' alone
You can join if you want to
But I'll still be drinkin' alone
I'm singin' alone
I'm singin' alone
You can join in if you want to
But I'll still be singin' alone

Sit beside me and order a beer
In this lovely new tavern you found
If you think to come back in a year
I'll still be hangin' around [chorus]

Don't you know that I haven't a care
For bein' alone in this town
Even though we all happen to share
This road we're all staggerin' down [chorus]

Drink along if you want to
And I'll still be drinkin' alone

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