Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - What's Wrong With People

Today's drinking song tells the nightmarish story of finding oneself in a dry town, and asks the eternal question What's Wrong With People? The song appears on the now out-of-print* album Three Pints Irish. For more information about the artist, visit

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*The 2008 CD Time For Another Round has been rereleased as a GOLD edition which includes the entire Three Pints Irish EP.

What's Wrong With People
by Jim Tyrrell

I came by train but an hour ago
In search of dinner and a beer
My request was met with voices low
We don't serve that around here

What's wrong with people in this town
What's wrong with the people in this town
What's wrong with people in this town

In every single shop I tried
I simply couldn't win
And every single passerby
Accused me of livin' in sin [chorus]

So back to the train with a ticket in hand
And off to another town
Where hopefully they'll serve a man
Without this runaround [chorus]

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