Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - Half Empty/Half Full

Nothing like a little chemically-induced fuzziness to bring things into focus. Wait, what? The third track on the CD Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. For more information about the artist, visit

Half Empty/Half Full
by Jim Tyrrell

Last night at Shooter's I ordered a drink
And the barkeep obliged with a curious wink
He sent it down to me but to my dismay
He chose for some reason to fill it halfway

I said to him Johnny, where's the rest of me stout
And he said That's a thing I been thinkin' about
I'd like your opinion before your first pull
Is that pint half empty or is it half full?

Rum a dum didle a rum a dum dow
Johnny just send us another one down

I said Thinkin' games never interested me
In fact, drinkin' games are more my speed you see
And he said this puzzle was one and the same
And that very idea was the point of the game

I sat for a minute more scratchin' me head
And my thirst overcame me and finally I said
I'm drinkin' this whether you fill it or not
But pour me another and I'll give it some thought (chorus)

I got good and stiff half a pint at a time
Sendin' the empty ones back down the line
And seein' those glasses all scattered around
Right there in an instant my answer I'd found

I told him It clearly depends who you are
The hard workin' tapper or the drunk at the bar
To me there's no difference but not so for you
You'll pour twice as many before I get through (chorus x2)

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  1. Your perspective is always so interesting! Never boring!