Friday, March 6, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - Bad Ideas (and more!)

I played drinking songs LIVE on the Daily Planet Morning Show (WPNH 100.1fm) this morning. Here's one of the segments from the show. (I played a third song later in the show but didn't get a recording of it.)

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Today's drinking song: Back in my WPI days (I didn't attend, but I visited for a looong time), there was a phenomenon that seemed to happen every time a party found its way to 1:30am. Someone would invariably come up with a 'bad idea'. This song is a testament to that. From the album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. For more information about this artist, visit

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Bad Ideas
by Jim Tyrrell

Chorus: We've gotten right to business with the Jagermeister here
But I hope that by 1:30 I'll be gone
'Cause at the bottom of the bottle is a very bad idea
And I can feel a new one coming on

At half past one the other night we went out for a beer
And I'm sure we made for quite a sorry sight
The sound of drunken college girls caught Terry by the ear
And that's the last we saw of him that night
He came back in the morning wearing curlers and a dress
And we had to know what that was all about
He woke up at the girl's school quite confused and in a mess
And they needed a disguise to get him out {chorus}

Just the other morning I drove over to the jail
Though I didn't know what Jack had gone and done
And this is what he told me as I offered up the bail:
"Well everything was fine 'til half past one.
I was running naked through the sprinklers with some friends
When they picked us up and held us here 'til dawn
And if I could I'd probably do it all over again
But I guess I might not pick the Mayor's lawn" {chorus}

I've got a friend named Billy and he likes to tip 'em back
And trouble seems to follow where he goes
We'd been drinkin' hard the night he plotted an attack
And you can guess the time I do suppose
He found a chunk of cinder block and headed up the stair
And we followed like a howling drunk parade
He dropped it through the windshield of his mother's old Bel Air
Just so he could hear the sound it made {chorus x2}

Every single bottle's got a very bad idea
And I can feel a new one coming on

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  1. This one just seems funnier every time I hear it!