Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jim Tyrrell - Cute Boots

Today's song is from the 2008 album Time For Another Round: Gold Edition. The story of a man with the courage to stand up for falling down. For more information on this artist, visit http://www.jimtyrrell.net/.

Cute Boots
by Jim Tyrrell

I went out bar hoppin' on Sunday
As such is the custom with me
At a tavern called Goodbye Blue Monday
I lost my fight with gravity
And laying there I got to thinking
I suppose there's worse places to be
So I rolled on my side and kept drinking
And through my confusion I see...

A cute pair of boots right next to me
And two young legs as long as the day
I spoke of the love that came through me
And she started to shuffle away
Well I sure didn't mean to offend her
But she had me right out of my head
And as clearly as I can remember
Here's more or less what I said...

Chorus: Hey cute boots, you ought to come down here
The party's right here on the floor
Those other fellas around here
Must not know what this place is for
The best drinkin' is under the table
We all get there eventually
So cute boots as soon as you're able
Come kick 'em back here with me

Through an old swinging door I could see them
From under the ladies room stall
And the truth it became clear to me then
She's a spirited lass after all
No I hadn't offended that cutie
And I know why she hastened to scoot
It's a true testament to her beauty
That the girl's even cute when she boots {chorus}

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