Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Spud Shoes - All Tan

Here's one from musical collaborators Blue Spud Shoes, recorded at Song Fight Live: Santa Cruz in 2006.

All Tan
by Blue Spud Shoes

I love me the Amber, I love me the Ale.
I'll even drink a Pilsner, if it's not too pale.
The Hefeweizens good, The Doppelbock is great.
I drink 'em in the morning, I drink em 'til it's late.

[chorus] There's one beer that escapes me, It's called a Black and Tan.
Mixed drinks are called cocktails, I drink mine like a man.
If it's not gonna be a Guiness, It's gotta be ALL TAN! [end chorus]

Last week I found a Belgian White, Way back on the shelf.
I drank a bunch, got high as a kite, If I do so say myself.
Some people drink the lite beers, Some even go for ice.
They Budweiser brings big sad tears, To my bloodshot eyes.

[repeat chorus]

I got a jones for I.P.A. I drink it by the pail.
Keep away the Lambics, I'm not some damn female.
A glass all tall and cloudy, To put me to my bed.
And if you offer light beer, I'll punch you in the... NECK!

[repeat chorus]

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